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Are You Ready To Stand Out, Be Heard & Get Paid What You’re Worth?

  • What if your mission and message instantly attracted your ideal clients?

  • What if you could finally have the impact and income you want?

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Because you can’t afford to not Stand Out or Be Heard.

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Hi, I’m Michelle McCullar.
I help purpose-driven entrepreneurs create magnetic messages that instantly earn their prospect’s interest trust and buy in…

Because in this day and age, if you don’t have a message that cuts through the noise and fray… you’ll never stand out, be heard or get paid what you’re worth.

We do this through branding, messaging and storytelling that’s authentic to you.


  • You want to start a business… but aren’t sure what it is

  • You have a BIG mission… and want to turn it into a successful business platform that reaches the world
  • You’re ready to grow… but aren’t sure how

… your message is front and central to your success.

It’s the heart of your business… and your brand.

And ultimately it’s what get’s you noticed, heard and paid.

Face it. You’ve only got 2 to 7 seconds to grab someone’s attention. If you don’t grab their attention, you’ll never get their business.

But it’s more than just grabbing their attention. You’ve got to earn their interest, trust and buy-in. And you will… when you get really clear with your message.

That’s when the real you will shine through. And the real you… is a client attraction magnet.

Get started today — because the world needs YOU!


You’re only a message away from unlimited success.

If you’d like to book a quick 15 Minute Call with me to see how I can help, just click the link below. Nothing for sale. Just seeing if I can help.

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P.O. Box 2055
Arcadia CA, 91007-2055



What Clients Say About Working With Michelle

“Before working with Michelle I sounded just like everyone else in my industry. I was so frustrated with my lack of success I was about to give up and become a Walmart Greeter. Now I’m routinely attracting clients, team members and speaking engagements. Thank you, Michelle! You’ve not only given me the means and confidence to succeed in my encore career, you’ve made it fun and easy.”

Diane Sexton, Financial Educator
“Michelle is amazing. When we started I was a frustrated and unfulfilled massage therapist with a big dream. She helped me tune in to my heart and connect the dots on my purpose and my whys… From day one I got started on my dream of being a fashion designer. Four months in I had prototype bags, a partner, and potential venders and investors. In 7months I had a physical location in the Los Angeles Fashion District. In 11 months I had 2 Boutique Stores on contract for monthly orders. I cannot stop expressing how satisfied it makes me feel to have found such an amazing person… I know I couldn’t have done this without her. Thank you Michelle!!”
Rocio Prieto, Massage Therapist + Fashion Designer

“Thank you for all your help, sound council, and a wonderful start to the year… It caused two powerful things to happen — to combine advanced stock market analysis with poetry, both done wildly, erratically and passionately. Before I took your class, I was dividing these two seemingly different disciplines… This past week, I really went at it. With the poetry and the stock charts, and the results were spectacular. In fact, it was the single best trading week of my career, and a whole bunch of poems came to my mind. It seems the more I do this, the more I feel that finally there is this unstoppable power within me. The erratic impulsive uninterrupted self let loose with numbers and words. A long winded way to say… you gave me a missing piece to a 1000 piece puzzle, the last piece needed to complete the picture!”

Audrey Lockwood, Financial Planner, Stock Trader & Poet

“Michelle is a GPS for Mission-Driven Entrepreneurs. She has an uncanny ability to break through the clutter and light the way. When I began working with Michelle I wasn’t earning the money I could be earning. I was so passionate about assisting my clients that I forgot about myself and the bottom line! Michelle has helped me to recognize my unique genius, believe in myself, and charge what I’m worth. Now I’m earning the money I deserve to be earning.”

Linda Westman, Chiropractor

“I can honestly say that working with Michelle was the best investment I ever made. Within 2 months I found myself in the Top 10 group for getting new customers, which I remained on for 6 weeks running. Thank you Michelle! I’m now feeling really confident about my direction and I continue to be astounded at the results I’m getting.”

Connie Alexander, Nerium Consultant & Real Estate Investor